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Selling flights and hotel booking on Tisiva is easy. We provide you with tools that will enhance your Travel business.

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Easy To Use

Well thought User Interface with awesome experience.


Your earnings and commision are secure and transparent.


Stay in control of your business, manage your clients with ease.

Single Access, Multiple Airlines

We have made it super easy to access multiple airlines with your access to our agent tool. You don't have to spend so much time looking for affordable flights for your customers. Which is why we have:

  • Local Airlines
  • International Airlines

in a single access.

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Transparent Commission
and Full Control

We understand that Travel Agents wants full control of their clients, and a transparent commision structure; this is why we have made it easy to track your earnings and also give you full control over your clients with:

  • Personalized brand details
  • Easy-to-use transaction dashboard
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For as little as ₦ 500 you can use our tool to enhance your Travel Agent business.


Suitable for all Travel Agents

₦ 500

Billed monthly
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Does it cost to register on Tisiva Marketplace ?

Tisiva Marketplace is totally free to use.

Does Tisiva send my customers email and notification ?

No we don't send emails or promotional materials to your client. We give you full control to your client list and management.

How do I make money on Tisiva Marketplace ?

Using Tisiva you can charge your clients booking/service fees for every flight and or hotel bookings. We provide a flexible way to add markup to your prices and receipts.

Will my booking appear on the Airline or Hotel ?

Yes. Once a booking has been made, it is automatically available on the Airline or Hotel.

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